ECAD applications within the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute

In the spring of 2015,  CM Technologies traveled to the Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (NPRI) near Shanghai, China to discuss approaches for applying the ECAD technology within the CGN fleet of Light Water Reactors (LWRs).   CGN has 10 units in operation and another 14 units under construction.

Our presentation focused on using electrical measurements such as TDR, dissipation factor, and insulation resistance to monitor changes in the installed cable characteristics caused by aging and other types of degradation.   The ECAD technology would compliment other measurement techniques such as line resonance analysis (LIRA) and the indenter.

About the Suzhou NPRI

The Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute was established in 1978.  The institute performs specialized research on nuclear power plant (NPP) safety,  development of life management techniques for several NPP systems and research on welding materials.

APM Terminals’ #4 Crane Back in Business

CM Technologies Corp Successfully Troubleshoots 4 kV Festoon Cable at the APM Terminals’ Facility in Elizabeth, NJ

The Crane Manager at APM Terminals’ Elizabeth, New Jersey facility reported a complete failure of 4 kV festoon cable on Crane #4 in December 2013. The crane was forced to shut down until the problem was resolved, limiting the shipyard’s ability to load and unload boats. A damaged wire causing a short circuit was believed to be the culprit. After three months of downtime spent troubleshooting the problem, CM Technologies was called to track down the fault.

4kV Festoon Cable
Festoon Cable Used on Crane #4 at the APM Terminals (source Anixter, Inc.)

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