Integrated UPS function 1-20 Minutes (P/N I02521000)

An internal, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be integrated into the ECAD controller. This option helps protect the system from transients associated with power interruptions, and allows the equipment to be moved between locations in an operating state without having to re-initialize the test instrumentation.

ip65 keyboardRubber Keyboard – IP65 Protection (P/N I02520000)

The standard ECAD keyboard and optional IP65 rubber keyboard are shown in Figure 8. Both styles include an integrated pointing device (mouse).

The standard keyboard provides 84 keys and uses a trackball as the pointing device.

The optional IP65 keyboard provides 95 keys uses a hula-mouse as the integrated pointing device. The IP-65 rating prevents inadvertent damage or contamination by locking out water, coffee, dust and other undesirable tramp materials.

hard polymer caseHard Polymer Transit/Storage Case (P/N K02501000)

An optional, MIL-810F qualified hard-sided transit storage case, shown in Figure 9, provides an additional level of protection when shipping or storing the ECAD tester. The foam-lined case provides internal space for the ECAD tester, power cords, manuals and test lead. The case is configured with a collapsible handle and wheels for easy transport.

soft caseSoft Carrying Case for the ECAD (P/N K01502000)

A custom-fit, soft-sided carrying case is also available for the ECAD tester to keep it clean while carrying it around the plant or for temporary storage. The soft case can accommodate the ECAD tester, test lead, power cord, and operating manual. The soft carrying case is shown in Figure 10.

dc characterization moduleAutomated V/I, 5kVDC Characterization Module (P/N HV-IR-MOD)

This option allows the user to configure the ECAD tester to perform general Step Voltage testing of circuits, and more specifically, automated voltage vs. current (V/I) measurements of nuclear instrumentation. The system is provided with a custom software package to control the testing using the ECAD System 2014.

The external meters provided with this accessory module can also be used to extend the test voltage range of the internal 500 VDC meghommeter up to 5 kVDC (i.e. IR tests from 501 VDC to 5,000 VDC are performed using the ECAD System 2014 software in conjunction with the external meters).

The modules external meters, shown in Figure 11, consists of the following major components:

  • Keithley 6845 picoammeter,
  • Stanford Research PS350 high voltage power supply (HVPS), and
  • IEEE-488 GPIB controller
  • Soft carrying for the meters and cables
external coax switching module128-Point, External Coaxial Switching Module for Testing High-Density, Multi-Conductor Connectors (P/N A53002901)

In some special circumstances, systems and components may contain many pairs of conductors group in high-density connectors or termination blocks. This configuration is very typical of military systems.

CM Technologies’ 128-point high density coaxial switching module is an extremely rugged, lightweight, external accessory designed to speed up and simplify the automated testing of these circuits; total weight is less than 6.5 lbs (3kg). The assembly is MIL-810F and MIL-461E qualified against harsh environmental and electromagnetic (EMI) environments.

The switching module is compatible with all standard ECAD System 2014 testing modes, and will serve as a seamless extension of the ECAD system when testing requires inter-connection to complex plant termination points.

The generic 128-pin circular connector located on the output of the switching module can be readily adapted to any particular connector configuration specified by the customer. Upon request, CM Technologies will quote Customers for special designs and fabrication of custom adapter cables.