Other Instrumentation Cards

CM Technologies also manufactures other instrumentation cards for performing complex impedance measurements, insulation resistance tests and RF switching cards.


ECAD System functionality can be implemented directly into existing computer systems which can accept PCI form factor expansion cards. Software is included.

PCI-3232 Impedance Card.

The PCI-3232 Impedance Card is used to measure impedance and phase angle at a discrete frequency, which are then used to calculate Capacitance, Inductance, Quality Factor, Dissipation Factor and AC Resistance. The PCI-3232 Impedance Card is capable of sourcing frequencies between 1Hz and 250,000Hz.

The virtual instrument is designed to operate the card at a single, discrete frequency or at a range of user-specified frequencies. Test Lead Compensation routines are built into the software, thereby negating the contribution of the test lead in impedance and phase angle measurements. A variety of software modules allow the card to be integrated into your custom applications.

Key Benefits
  • Compact: Weighing in at 1 lb, this card is based on the PCI Architecture, and can be installed into any Windows based computer with an available PCI expansion slot.
  • Cost Savings: The PCI-3232 Impedance Card offers tremendous cost savings compared to commercially available impedance analyzers.
  • Customization: The accompanying software and drivers can be used in your own application.

PCI-3332 Switch Card

The PCI-3332 Switch Card is the heart of the ECAD, connecting individual instruments to the test lead. Built in safety features ensure that the system shuts off if a high voltage is detected.