ECAD System

ECAD Upgrade Kit

The ECAD System 2002 can be upgraded to the capabilities of ECAD System 2005, increasing available test leads from 2 wires to 15 wires. The Upgrade Kit includes the PCI-3332 Switch Card, a Cable Connector and upgraded database software.


The ECAD System 2002 is configured as a 2-wire, single-ended test set: wires are tested as conductor pairs from only one end. This method is very precise and repeatable, and accommodates many of the circuits found in a typical power plant.

However, some special circuits have a characteristic design that includes multiple conductors. And some control wiring and distribution systems are designed with multiple pin connectors or termination blocks to simplify construction. In these special cases, the standard ECAD System can be upgraded with an additional 15-point internal coaxial switch to allow automatic testing of multiple conductor circuits. This configuration is very useful where testing can be accelerated by connecting to CRDMs, RTDs, 3-phase circuits, and multi-conductor circuits using a single mating connector.

PCI-3332 Switch Card

SwitchCard pci 3332

The PCI-3332 Switch Card is the heart of the ECAD, connecting individual instruments to the test lead. Built in safety features ensure that the system shuts off if a high voltage is detected.

Cable Connector

cableOne additional cable connector is included with this module to assist in fabrication of plant-specific adapter cables. Additional connectors may be ordered directly from CM Technologies or catalog electronics suppliers (e.g., Digi-Key Electronics or Newark Electronics).

Upon request, CM Technologies will provide a quotation to custom-manufacture adapter cables to suit the Customer’s particular interface and technical requirements.

Software Update

More powerful software will help you keep track of more complex cable networks and test multiple wire combinations on a straightforward pass/fail acceptance criteria.

ecad test plan

Existing ECAD System 2002 database can be converted to work with ECAD System 2005, so baseline and other records are not lost. Note, however, that ECAD System 2005 database records cannot be read on ECAD System 2002.