ECAD Testing of Nuclear Instrumentation Can Save Time during an Outage

The Nuclear Instrumentation System (NIS)  is one the most important instrumentation and control systems in a nuclear power plant . Operators use the outputs of these circuits to ensure that the reactor is operating safely and within the specified limits in all operating modes.

The reliable operation of this system is very important during refueling outages when the reactor transitions from operating at 100% power to 0% power.  Multiple channels of the NIS must be functional to remove the spent fuel and to move the new fuel rod assemblies in place.  An unexpected  failure of a source range channel during a refueling outage can add both time and cost to an outage.

CM Technologies has 25+ years of experience in using the ECAD technology to safely test  and troubleshoot the NIS circuits in PWR and BWR plants throughout the world.  Our testing can determine the overall “health” of the cables,  intermediate connections, and the detector assembly remotely from the NIS cabinets in a matter of a few minutes.

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