Fault Isolation

Time Domain Reflectometers

For 20+ years, CM Technologies has specialized  in developing time domain reflectometry (TDR) instrumentation for identifying and locating degraded conditions in electrical circuits .

Our latest generation of TDR instrumentation is available in several form-factors including instrument cards used with a notebook computer to self-contained handheld devices that allow the operator maximum flexibility when troubleshooting failed circuits.

Handheld TDRs

Our handheld TDR instruments consist of a rugged portable computer and a TDR engine.  In some models, the engine is our PCMCIA TDR card and the other configurations utilize a USB-controlled TDR module.  In either configuration, the user software  provides the operator with an extremely flexible and intuitive interface allowing waveforms to be easily acquired, saved and superimposed.


CM Technologies’ PCMCIA-form factor TDR was the world’s first instrument that could transform a notebook computer into a high performance, high resolution TDR.  The PCMCIA card kit also includes software that allow the operator to test circuits ranging from a few feet to 1000’s of feet in length.

Custom TDR Solutions

CM Technologies also has extensive experience in custom designed hardware and software solutions to support the addition of a TDR measurement in larger Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) platforms.   We have also developed smaller-scale, custom solutions to support embedded TDR applications.

Please contact us with your program requirements and we will be happy to discuss a custom, turn-key solution.