Field Service

A critical system has suddenly failed and you need to determine if the failure is due to a failed component or is the result of a problem in the system wiring or cables, where do you turn?

The answer is simple — turn to CM Technologies Corporation and the ECAD test method for support. Our engineers and technicians can quickly identify and locate problems such as poor connections, moisture intrusion, degraded insulation, short circuits and open circuits in a matter of a few minutes. See our military services brochure.

Introductory Field Training

A 3 day on-site training class will be provided for customers who have previously not used ECAD services. Students will gain a general understanding of the ECAD technology, the ECAD System 2014 hardware and software, and the application of the technology and system to the plant.

The class will include a review of circuit degradation, fundamental transmission line theory and its application to the characterization of plant circuits. Students will learn about the instrumentation and software comprising the ECAD System 2014, time domain reflectometry, AC and DC circuit theory as applied to cable condition monitoring and diagnosis, and the application of the system to typical plant circuits. Upon completion of the training, the student will be able to set up and operate the ECAD System 2014, perform testing, and interpret data for maintenance support.

Standard Field Service

An authorized ECAD representative will perform on-site testing and will provide a standard report on the state of the tested circuits at the end of the service. This service is performed under posted standard rates of labor and equipment rental. Options include emergency services, an emergency hotline and extended analysis. The duration of the service depends on the circuits to be tested.

Open Purchase Order Field Service

With no minimum charges, an Open Purchase Order Field Service offers the most flexibility. We are available to provide onsite assistance during peak outage periods or under emergency conditions. Customers signed up for this service are accorded the highest priority and receive a discount on our standard labor rates. The terms of the open purchase order can be as long as 2 years which helps to control costs in both routine and emergency situations.

Hotline Support

The standard hotline support service provides no-cost access to our customer support staff on a 24/7 basis. Questions can be phoned in during regular business hours, or transmitted electronically at any time. The hotline subscription is free for the first year.


We offer consulting assistance to help establish your formal cable condition monitoring program, as well as participate in the conduct of accelerated initial baseline testing of those systems and components so included. We can offer these services with complete confidence in data compatibility, as each ECAD System is designed to produce compatible, reliable, repeatable and trendable results regardless of whether it is owned or operated by our customers or by our own technicians and engineers.